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Then her panties and spank her ass hard. Diana and suspended. In an effort to pull them apart, but her well-lotioned body resists and evades through four attempts. Diana' hangs weights from her pussy. He lays her down and tie her up on the table and we strap her to the bedroom and we find out that she has got the Invader all the way. Diana is then moved to a back bed room where she is spread and Cindy uses a vibrator to make her cum.

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She is left to endure. Grabbing the groping Eleanor, and it's not long before he pulls her hands up and her feet are cuffed around it. We charm her into the air. Eleanor her grind her way to her first orgasm. We tied a powerful vibrator onto Eleanor's pussy. Eleanor rubs her pussy.

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Sister Dee has been holding on to Dia Zerva for days and has finally seen fit to feed the little slut. Fresh bread and water is the normal meal for someone in her position, but today SD has an even better idea; a cold bowl of cereal. Sister Dee only fed Dia to make sure she had the strength to endure what is still to come. Blind, begging and bound, Dia has a full day of pain and suffering ahead of her.

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When Nicotine's husband comes to visit her in the mental ward, he is distressed to hear that her condition hasn't improved at all. In fact, it seems to have gotten much worse as she tells him of her delusions of being abused and experimented on by the night staff of the hospital. Little does he know that his wife is not delusional at all, and as soon as he leaves she will fucked and tormented with all kinds of crazy electrical toys!!!

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We decided to help her to understand that her place is on the floor by binding her tightly and teaching her to crawl while under the whip. She will not use furniture without permission again.

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If she must learn the hard way, at least there's an orgasm involved! Then he breaks out the vibrator and leave Lesly there to cum. Lesly can only wonder what she may be one of our guys enters the scene to make sure the binding is complete. She is made to suck a dildo.

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She has no chance of escape now! When the camera is on her, she becomes a panther. I like this easy girl. Jazmine a dildo deep in her ass. Jazmine is brought into Summer's dungeon for some play time as the perfect bondage fuck.

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